New Zealand Labour shows they are not the same party as under Helen Clark, but still are liars

Blogger Cameron Slater ( has said he has acquired information about funders of the Labour Party. Labour has responded by saying that this information could only be obtained by hacking. This has been proven to be a lie. Now, I am not one to generally subscribe to Whaleoil’s rants, but he has produced a YouTube video that clearly shows how he accessed the information on the Labour Party website – without a single hack.

The video, which can be found at, shows the information being brought up by following easily accessible public information. Mr Slater finishes his video by saying if Labour cannot run a website properly, they can’t run a country properly. While I don’t necessarily agree that there is a correlation between the two, it does make quite a strong point.

What this has shown is that Labour is no longer the same party that it was under Helen Clarke. Remember the Electoral Finance Act? Under that, most of the information that Labour is now fighting to protect would be publicly available. Does that make them hypocritical? A number of parties (well at least one, the ACT Party) would say yes. I don’t agree though. The Labour Party has had a huge overhaul since the 2008 election. Because of this, you need to expect different policies.


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