SkyCity Convention Centre: Government Smarts or Sellout?

Over the weekend, it was announced that the Government is talking with SkyCity, asking them to build a National Convention Centre. For this, the Government is proposing a weakening of the current laws on new gambling facilities. This would allow SkyCity to expand their current casino in Auckland. The Green Party are saying this is a Government sell out, and that the centre will be paid for by the families of addicted gamblers.

To me, this is a weird thing to say. Surely it is better for more regulated casinos to be formed. These places have a responsibility to reduce problem gambling. Obviously they don’t get all of them, but black market gambling won’t get anyone – problem gamblers aren’t in their mind at all.

Additionally, this national convention centre will add so much to the New Zealand economy, not only from the expenditure on building it, but also from the people that it brings into the country for conventions held there. This not a Government Sellout. It is the Government making a decision that will boost the economy. I haven’t agreed with this Government very often, but I certainly do with this.


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