Stupidity of the anti-Israel movement

I want to start by saying I am in no way supportive of Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people. I do think Israel should return to their legal borders. This post, however, is in regard to a Press Release that came out last night entitled “Government Ignores Israel’s Threats against New Zealanders on Gaza Flotilla”. This Press Release can be obtained from

I would like to ask what the organisation (which strangely enough if not listed in that copy of the press release, but I can tell you is Peace Movement Aotearoa) proposes the Government does to protect these citizens. They are going into a warzone. New Zealand is not involved with this war – and rightfully so. Getting the Government involved with this flotilla would draw New Zealand into this war, and that is not something that would benefit the people of New Zealand. These people are intentionally putting themselves in harms way. That is their choice. The Government should not be protecting people when they make a decision like this. It is known there is an extremely high risk of Israel repeating at least similar actions to the previous flotilla.

I am expecting some rather pissed off people regarding this post, given the abuse I received on Facebook last night for daring to suggest that the Palestinians and people on the flotillas are not all sweetness and light in this. Let’s get realistic. Israel is doing wrong by infringing on Palestinian territory. Palestine is doing wrong by firing rockets and God knows what else back. Though, realistically, Palestine isn’t actually a recognised state. Until that changes (which it won’t any time soon, mostly because of the UN Security Council’s veto) Israel will be able to effectively do what they like.


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  1. Dan, the “abuse” in question, was predominantly in response to a succession of rather .. confusing to say the least position statements from your good self.
    ” As much as what Israel did was wrong, it was pretty fucking stupid to take up arms against the Israeli Army. Did they really expect them to just step back once people picked up guns? Lol retarded people are retarded.”, for instance. And then attempting to de-legitimate a position via association with throwing shoes at the local consulate which, to my mind, is providing at least some services to the Israeli government. That was a side-point at best from the debate which *was* raging, and looked like an attempt to move away from the substantive issue being discussed.

    • Curwen, those comments were related hypothetical. To be honest, I haven’t looked too much into whether there was guns on board the flotilla or not. I don’t think I made the fact my comment was hypothetical clear enough, and that was my bad. But what I was saying is IF there was guns on board, while Israel was wrong for going to the extreme they did, the people on the flotillas were asking for trouble.

      I do still stand by the fact that I don’t understand how Israel attacking the flotilla and throwing shoes at the US Consulate were linked in any way, other than John Minto. Sure, the US has supported Israel over the years, but they had already at this point spoken out against the attack on the flotilla. Also, I won’t understand how saying because Veolia Transport runs a bus service in Israel we should be saying they shouldn’t provide train services in Auckland.

      Thanks for the comment though, Curwen. Much appreciated.

  2. This sums up pretty much what I wanted to say.
    A Christian Reverend explains ‘The Problem with Israel” – “Jew is the race, Judaism is the faith, Israel is the country and Zionism is the political system” – Many are not clear about the difference between a Jew and a Zionist

  3. There is no difference between a Jew and a Zionist except in 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the time. Anything that suggests otherwise is propaganda by the Church to draw more converts and to deepen the divide between the religions; or it comes from anti-Semetic countries such as Iran that falsely claim that some Jews hate Israel. (Some Jews dislike that it is a secular state as opposed to a religious one, but they support the idea of the state in principle).

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