The Drinking Age and Why It’s Making Me Rage

So, I have just seen a Press Release from a group called the Family First Lobby and really, it makes little sense. The Press Release can be found at

Apparently, we should raise the drinking age to 21. Apparently, this is what New Zealanders want. Apparently, that equates to evidence that it is imperative that the drinking age is brought up. Personally, I don’t subscribe to this theory.

According to the press release, the problem is that we are exposing young people to alcohol. The fact that we aren’t educating them well enough isn’t the problem. We should put a blanket over their heads.

My questions is what will that teach people? To me, all it will do is delay the problem. Young people will do exactly the same things, just three years later.

What we need to do is get parents to set a good example. A child seeing their parents getting drunk at least once a week is going to consider that normal, so the moment they are able to drink, they will. And frequently. Promoting social drinking in moderation will reduce the drinking culture in New Zealand. Personally, I was brought up around alcohol. My parents would allow me to have a small drink on special occasions with dinner. On New Years Eve 2000, they allowed me to have a glass of champagne to toast the new year. Yes, that hasn’t stopped me consuming alcohol, sometimes in larger than necessary quantities. However, I don’t see it as a necessity to have a drink in my hand 24/7. I don’t consider every Friday night as compulsory drinking. Drinking responsibly should be the goal, not refusing to drink at all!


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