Cameron Slater starting to push feces toward Labour’s proverbial fan

When I saw what Cameron Slater was saying he had gained access to, I didn’t think much of it. However, it seems that this event that seems to have been ignored by the majority, is turning into something much more interesting. I direct your attention to an article put on the NZ Herald site today. Check it out here.

So, what is basically being suggested is that Labour has taken information that, firstly, was supposed to be for the National Party, and secondly, was supposed to be used for matters relating to Early Childhood Education, and used it for a multitude of purposes. What those purposes are has not been given by Mr Slater. Labour Spokesperson for Early Childhood Education, Sue Moroney, has stated that this information was used only for ECE purposes. Normally, I would say we need to trust her on this until Mr Slater comes out with information to prove otherwise. However, on this occasion, I would suggest that we need to rethink this, given the lies Labour has already spread about this. If you’re not too sure what I am talking about, head over to my last post on this matter, here. Having said that, I do expect Mr Slater will release proof of his claims. If he doesn’t, I most certainly will change my mind on this. As much as I don’t trust Labour, I trust them a lot more than I trust Cameron Slater.


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