Maori Party = Maori Parliament? Oh dear……

Seems the Maori Party President is a bit confused by what a Parliament is. In a press release, he has said that Hone Harawira’s desire for a Maori Parliament is “ironic” because there already is one – the Maori Party.

I will never understand how this makes sense. According to the New Zealand Oxford Dictionary, a parliament is:

the legislature of a country or state having the British system of government

The Maori Party is not the legislature of a country or state. To say it is would be to suggest we have had a revolution and the Maori Party have taken supreme control over the country. Unless I am greatly mistaken, this has not happened. It is somewhat disturbing that the president of a party within Government does not understand a basic term such as “parliament”.

Some might expect me to criticise Hone Harawira for suggesting a Maori Parliament. That’s not going to happen. As much as I would be opposed to the idea, legal theory states it’s probably a good idea. Maybe not a Maori Parliament, but a lower house all the same. I am supportive of the idea of a lower house. A number of legal theorists have said that for a government to be legitimate, it must incorporate both an upper and a lower house. As I say, the idea of a Maori exclusive Parliament, I would not be supportive of. However, I can see where he’s coming from, and I do agree with the general idea.

You can close your mouths and stop looking shocked now. I am able to agree with anyone, given they are making sense.


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