Witty words with a twist of delusion

So, the The Republic of New Zealand Party has put out a press release saying a whole bunch of things. And really, as the title of this post suggests, it’s full of witty words, with a twist (or maybe more appropriately a punch) of delusion.

To say that Hone Harawira is “paddling his waka backwards to 1840” while the rest of the country are “paddling forwards to 2040” is quite witty, and isn’t wrong in some respects, yet in others he really isn’t. In terms of his insistence on the Treaty of Waitangi being supreme law, that’s trying to go back to 1840. Probably change the course of history while he’s at it, but going back all the same. Yet, at the same time, he is suggesting his policies, which I will openly term as ‘positive racism’ for Maori, is far from going back to 1840. There is no way that would even slightly fly in 1840.

The line in this press release that really gets me though is “Wise voters will tick Kelvyn Alp (OURNZ) or vote tactically for Labour to rid Parliament of embittered anti-pakeha racist nonsense.”

Can someone explain why someone voting in a Maori electorate would vote for someone who is supported by a party that openly stands for abolishing the Maori electorates? Surely a ‘wise’ voter in a Maori electorate would do the opposite… Though I do admit, I would prefer if Labour win Te Tai Tokerau. I think Hone Harawira needs a bit of a shock to either get him back into reality or to get him out of politics.


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