Free dental care for all New Zealanders

Jim Anderton has come out with a plan for getting all New Zealanders free dental care today. The plan starts with the elderly and other people of concern, then later rolling it out to all New Zealanders. One figure I heard for the cost is $1 billion, however it is suggested this would be paid for by a levy, like the ACC levy.

I actually seem to agree with Jim Anderton’s little projects. For example Kiwibank. They’re cool. I bank with them. And this is not different with that. I do support this idea. Or if not free dental care, at least subsidised. It’s just as important as the doctors services that are subsidised. People’s teeth are important. We provide free dental care to under 18s because of it’s importance, but once you hit 18, you get hit with a huge bill. Listening to Newstalk ZB tonight, one caller mentioned that you’re lucky if it stops at three digits – you expect it to hit the four. New Zealanders cannot afford that, particularly given the financial situation of a lot of New Zealanders right now.


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