I think someone needs to explain *National* Standards…

The New Zealand Educational Institute has put out a press release today complaining about the Ministry of Education enforcing the National Standards that were brought into Primary Schools. I would have thought members of the NZEI would have an education themselves and be able to understand what the term “National Standards” implies. Clearly, they can’t.

They are suggesting the Government is “bullying” schools into meeting the requirements of the Education Act. They are also suggesting the schools should have the option of using their own system of assessment. I’m sorry if I have misunderstood, but National Standards implies that it’s a national thing, so it covers the entire country, and it’s standard, so it’s the same across the country. Surely they wouldn’t be National Standards if schools were allowed to ignore them and use their own systems instead.

Furthermore, they are complaining that the Ministry of Education is forcing the schools to complete requirements of the Education Act. Once again, I do apologise if I’m mistaken, but my understanding is that the Education Act is the law, and therefore the schools are required to abide by it.

If schools don’t like National Standards, they should vote out this Government and vote in another. They have the opportunity to do so in November. We don’t live in a Natural Law society. You can’t ignore the law just because you don’t agree with it. Why should schools be allowed to?


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