DOC jobs gone bad for the economy?

A press release from the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society (more often known as just Forest and Bird) has effectively said that the Government clearly doesn’t understand that the environment is key to economic recovery. This is shown to them because of the 100 jobs DOC is considering cutting over the next three months announced yesterday.

This make absolutely no sense. Firstly, why should people working at DOC have any extra job security over people working at any other place in the country. As much as we aren’t in a recession any more, we are still in a bad place economically. The fact is Government Spending does need to be cut, and cutting civil servants probably isn’t a bad idea, given the boom in civil servant numbers during the nine years Labour was in Government.

The other thing that confuses me is how DOC is going to be the “key to economic recovery”. The key to economic recovery is going to be getting spending back up, and therefore what needs to happen is the Government needs to get employers increasing wages rather than dropping them or holding them, and employing more rather than less. And I know that the next thing that comes out from whinging people in the comments section is “then surely DOC should be employing more people not less”. Ah. Touche. Except for the fact that the Government running on so much debt is not going to contribute to an economic recovery. They are just going to be causing more issues. The quicker the Government goes back to a budget surplus, the better. It’s private companies that are going to have to stop being silly and start paying their staff better. Oh, and before anyone starts, no, this does not contradict my position on youth rates.


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