National and ACT show hypocrisy

An article in the NZ Herald today talks of both ACT and National spending up tax payers money. They haven’t done anything against the law – they are just spending up the remainder of their entitlement for the 2010/11 year which ends midnight Thursday.

However, if you remember back, Labour did a similar thing in 2008. The National Party in particular, but to some degree ACT too, all made complaints about it being a waste of tax payers money. If it was a waste of tax payers money when Labour did it, why is it not a waste of tax payers money now? If the a National Government needs to reduce spending, why should the National Party spend more than they obviously need to?

To be honest, I’m not surprised. I don’t trust the National Party, nor do I trust ACT. I did trust John Key in 2008. That has been proven a mistake. When it comes down to it, there is not a party that I trust to actually do what they have said they will. National and ACT I don’t trust to do things, Labour I either don’t want them to do the things they’re saying or don’t trust them to do it, the Greens I don’t think actually realise the value of a dollar and therefore don’t understand how much all of their policies will cost, so the things I agree with them on I don’t think are financially realistic and other things I don’t want to happen. The Maori Party I don’t agree with – I cannot think of a single policy they have adopted that I want to happen. The Mana Party is in the same boat. Really, this leaves New Zealand First. I will be voting for NZ First, simply because I trust Winston Peters to at least do his very best to do what he promises. I don’t believe in all the things he wants to do, but he is the closest to an honest politician we have. (note I said closest. The ‘NO’ saga does prove he isn’t actually honest)


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