ACT on Campus justifies the unjustifiable

A blog post from ACT on Campus in response to a comment made on Facebook by AoC’s Auckland Vice-President, Cameron Browne. Mr Browne told a female involved with the discussion to “get raped”.

ACT on Campus is justifying these comments by saying Mr Browne was accused of being a number of things (see the actual post for exactly what they are saying he was accused of). It is NEVER right to tell anyone to “get raped”. To justify this comment is simply wrong. If this post on the ACT on Campus website had been written by Mr Browne, I could understand it. Mr Browne is obviously going to want to make it look like someone else is just as in the wrong as he is. But the fact of the matter is, he is in the wrong. The other comments were wrong, but not nearly as wrong as what he did. The problem I have is that the post wasn’t by Mr Brown. It was by ACT on Campus President, Peter McCaffrey. I seriously hope that Mr McCaffrey does not really believe what he has posted. To minimise this comment is just wrong.


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