Anything * CTU’s level of sense = 0

In case you don’t get the title, anything multiplied by zero is zero. So if anything multiplied by CTU’s level of sense is zero, then CTU’s level of sense must be zero. Witty, I know. Anyway, they put out a press release yesterday on the redundancies in the defense force. According to the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, it is an example of unjustified dismissal. They have also said that the treatment would be illegal if they this wasn’t the defense force.

The thing about this is that is simply not true. There are 1000 positions currently. They are being made redundant and 500 new positions are being created. The people who’s positions are made redundant will have the right to apply for them again, because that’s how the law works. This is in no way a breach of the law. I can see how unions are no longer actually worth anything in this country when the Council of Trade Unions is making stupid statements like this.


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  1. Dan, can I ask where you got your qualification in employment law from? Have you actually looked into the legal situation here or are you just spinning things and hoping to catch a zephyr.

  2. So you are suggesting that it is illegal to make people redundant? Interesting thought… It’s wrong, but it’s interesting.

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