OUSA goes through due process – Yeah Right!

We are back with the Radio One saga. You may have noticed a post I did earlier this week (see it at here) about OUSA going through the process of selling their student radio station, Radio One. I gave reasons why Radio One should not be sold, while also explaining that I don’t blame VSM as most opponents to Radio One’s sale seem to. There were comments by a member of the OUSA executive, suggesting that I was incorrect in saying that the decision had been made, and that they were going through the due process of consultation.

There has been a string of comments on the Facebook page of the University of Otago’s student magazine, Critic – Te Arohi, made by OUSA President, Logan Edgar. The comments can be viewed here. The relevant comments are extracted below. As the names are publicly available, I am naming the people who made the comments.

Logan Edgar: Those making comment are either the small amount of students who actually listen to the show in its current state or I’m sure don’t even go to uni. You are all most likely miss informed i.e. have never seen and will probably never see the financials because they are commercially sensitive. The bottom line is that not enough of my students listen to the station because of what it is, and it’s bullshit that radio one has received the funding (a v large amount of student money) for as long as it has while only being relevant to a hand-full of Scarfies. At the end of the day students need to trust the decision that I and my executive make because believe me it will be the right one for students.

James Gluck: Apparently, not only is Logan psychic, he is omniscient. TRUST IN THE LOGAN! Yeah bloody right.

James Gluck: Its not me who’s arguing that students need to ‘shut up and trust in what all-knowing Logan Edgar says’.

Logan Edgar: don’t hate me coz u ain’t me gluck, get some better chat

James Gluck: Oh psh. I don’t hate you. I think you’re a ‘nice guy’… for the most part, I think you’re just wrong.

Logan Edgar: yea because your quite happy to have a radio show payed for by the good students hard earned $$$ thank you very much, that I’m sure 99.99% of students would rather watch paint dry than listen to

James Gluck: Ok, firstly, he is wrong, because people do listen to Radio One. No, we can’t bring up numbers, and neither can Logan, save bullshit ones he made up on the spot. What we -can- point out is that Radio One is the first stop for any Band who want to get their name out there, for local buisnesses who want to advertise, and for local people full stop. THAT indicates that it has a good listenership. Secondly, because OUSA has a mandate to support student culture, and that includes having the opportunity for students to get music/ideas/poetry/everyth​ing out onto a great medium, which Radio One is. Thirdly, because OUSA, if VSM comes through, will need to be able to reach out to students through multiple media, and that’s gonna be hard when there’s no student-owned media in Dunedin. Fourthly, Radio One brings in status to the organisation. A student organisation that owns a radio station has more weight when it comes to convincing students to join. Fifthly, selling Radio One will make no money. Nobody is going to buy a radio station that, by law, has to be non-for-profit. Sixthly, OUSA should be looking for ways to increase revenue with VSM, not reduce spending. If OUSA focuses only on cutting, we will be left with an association that can’t do squat. Hope that’s enough to be going on to

James Gluck: Ladies and Gentlemen, your President, the Amazing Psychic Logan! He doesn’t need to listen to you, he already knows what you want!

Logan Edgar: ‎^There ya go jimmy now your getting it. lol. jj

Shonelle Eastwood: The search option also lists links to the explanatory notes and appendices, compiled and written by James Rawiri Meager. For those who don’t want to read the budget, Planet Media Dunedin Limited (Critic, R1 and the sales team) received a $172k subsidy from OUSA, this is up from $108k in 2010. The increase in the annual contribution is to prevent Planet Media from becoming insolvent if projected budget outcomes continue for the next couple of years. Planet Media Dunedin Ltd has been running at a loss for the past few years, and is quickly running out of cash reserves. This increase in subsidy is required to ensure the survival of Planet Media, Critic, and Radio One. (Those last few sentences are direct from 2011 budget explanatory notes)

Shonelle Eastwood: If anything I’ve said is wrong feel free to correct me, while I’ve been privy to some financials I only posted what I could find on the internet and thus was publicly available. I think staff should post factual comments I would just refrain from posting anything that could potentially be confidential.

Note the number of questions fired toward the OUSA President without answers. I am going to contact the OUSA President and request for comment. I will also attempt to acquire more information about the situation.

Mr Edgar has suggested that people arguing for Radio One are “miss informed” (and yes, I know it’s actually misinformed. He, however, doesn’t). I would suggest that either Radio One or OUSA give out that information. We’ll see what happens here.


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  1. For your information, the email I sent to the OUSA President reads:

    Mr Edgar,

    I was wondering if I could get some comment from you on the Radio One saga.

    Where did you find your statistics that “99.99% of students” do not want to listen to Radio One?
    If OUSA has not yet made a decision on Radio One’s fate, why do you say that “it’s bullshit that radio one has received the funding”?
    Why do you think that students should not be allowed to disagree with you and that they should trust your decisions to be right because you made them?

    I look forward to your reply. Please be aware that any response to this email will be made public. You may also be interested in the posts I have already made on the matter. These can be found at https://politicalisation.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/ousa-goes-through-due-process-yeah-right/ and https://politicalisation.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/dunedins-radio-1/.


    Daniel Farrell

  2. Just to note that one of my comments (not listed above) on the facebook thread said that the OUSA budget was available online. The link is here: http://www.ousa.org.nz/main/search/?cx=018012884679314474678%3Ak5ogzthkwnu&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8&q=budget+2011#958

    FYI, the most recent news update on the OUSA website also lists more specific details to the exact subsidy ($96k) R1 gets from OUSA however as I understand R1 disputes the forecast deficit quoted ($108k).

    Those numbers weren’t publicly available when I was commenting on the FB thread but have since been put online.

    Shonelle Eastwood
    OUSA Executive Officer

  3. Just a big believer in having informed readers! 🙂

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