ACT screws up again

John Ansell, who worked with Don Brash as leader of the National Party for the 2005 election, has been forced to resign from the ACT Party due to comments he made regarding “white cowards” not standing up against “Maorification”.

Don Brash is really just trying to score points on the same line that almost won him the election in 2005, and probably would have done if it wasn’t for the Exclusive Brethren saga. I’m not going to say I disagree with parts of the “One Law For All” policy, but there’s a way to say things, and the way John Ansell did it was a poor decision. The fact that ACT started to defend this is almost as bad as when ACT on Campus defended the “get raped” comments. Not a good look for ACT…


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  1. I just don’t understand why a party that promotes personal responsibility finds it so hard to take responsibility for the actions of their members and staff. ACT: Hypocrisy becomes us.

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