The Radio One Saga Part III

In my last post about Radio One, I mentioned that I would be contacting the OUSA President asking for some responses. I have just got those reponses.

My email said:

Mr Edgar,

I was wondering if I could get some comment from you on the Radio One saga.

Where did you find your statistics that “99.99% of students” do not want to listen to Radio One?

If OUSA has not yet made a decision on Radio One’s fate, why do you say that “it’s bullshit that radio one has received the funding”?

Why do you think that students should not be allowed to disagree with you and that they should trust your decisions to be right because you made them?

I look forward to your reply. Please be aware that any response to this email will be made public. You may also be interested in the posts I have already made on the matter. These can be found at and



Daniel Farrell

His response was:


Hey bro,

The %99.99 was aimed at a young man’s political show and not the station itself.

I was still forming an onion around Radio One although I do believe it has been given too much funding over recent years and that has meant that the station hasn’t (I belive) tried hard enough to fund itself…. That said though I do want to see radio one stay because of bridge that it creates for ex-members of the uni to stay involved.

They can disagree and that’s what the consultation process is about.



Ngā mihi, nā Logan

Logan Somers-Edgar


Otago University Students’ Association

This may be a good sign that OUSA will not be selling Radio One. Obviously, we can’t tell if this is the case. I guess we shall see in the coming weeks and months.


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