Mr President – you make it clear you lie…

So Prime Minister John Key has met with President Barack Obama at the Oval Office. They did a bit of a press thing at the end of their talk where they talked about trade, Afghanistan, Christchurch and the tragedy in Norway just unfolding at the time, among other things.

I’ve embedded a video below of the press talk, but here’s a link to a written version of what was said.

Some quotes from President Obama include:

We have had occasion to work together at various multilateral summits in Asia, and have always been struck by the intelligence and thoughtfulness that the Prime Minister brings to his work.

the relationship between New Zealand and the United States is growing stronger by the day.

These two comments do not really ring true, considering the President called the Prime Minister “Prime Minister Keys” on two occasions. Surely, if you respect someone as much as you say you do, you would know their name…

Oh, and a quick note, please don’t even pretend, Mr President, that the USA has a chance at the Rugby World Cup. England will take it home, baby! Just saying.


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