“I don’t care if it’s hot. You can’t turn on that Air Conditioning!” – Government

An article on the Newstalk ZB website today tells of how the Government is requesting that heat pumps be turned off in Summer. The article quotes Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority chief executive, Mike Underhill as saying, “that’s the whole question about whether you’d use a heat pump in summer, and our view is that you don’t”.

Am I the only person who’s more than slightly disturbed by this? They are effectively suggesting that it is wrong for people to use electric cooling during summer. As much as the Lipton Ice Tea ad would have you believe, if it’s hot, throwing your air conditioners into a massive pile with all the fans and stuff is not a good idea. If you’re not sure what I’m on about there, check out the ad at the bottom.

Let’s think about it though. If people don’t use air conditioning, they can’t concentrate. That’s bad for productivity. Yes, having restrictions on cooling is bad for the economy. I don’t care what anyone says, but as long as someone can afford the electricity bill (which a lot of people can’t, I might add, given the fact electricity prices keep going up for unrealistic reasons, or no reason whatsoever) they should pump out that air con. It’s good to cool down.

Unfortunately, with electricity prices, it’s the people who don’t need air conditioning because they’ve got olympic sized swimming pools in their backyard who can afford to run the air conditioning.


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  1. I think the issue is that NZ doesn’t accept that there are temperature extremes in this country. The summer of 97/98 (Feb 98) in Auckland we were regulary recording temps in the high 30’s. When the local primary school put a request into the Ministry of Education to close the school because the heat the Ministry’s answer was it doesn’t gett hat hot in Auckland so no you can’t. Somehow we just don’t get that we are often as hot as Sydney and everyone has airconditioning there. Yes you are right no one is productive in the very hot weather because they do not get enough sleep at night and if we used air conditioning at least in the sleeping areas of our homes Auckland would be a much safer productive and happier City in February every year

    • But surely we need to pander to the people who genuinely think “omg it might cause greenhouse gases and that will make the world implode into itself and destroy civilisation”.

      And just to make it clear, that was complete and outright sarcasm. These people unfortunately do exist but as a country we pander to them. It’s stupidity.

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