Saving a country’s economy – you’re doing it wrong

The US is about to have an economic crisis worse than the recession. They are currently in the face of a downgrade in their debt rating. They have until Tuesday next week US time to sort something out or they will default on a loan payment, which is the last thing the US needs right now, and for that matter the world economy. To try and solve this, both the Democrats and Republicans have been holding internal talks to come up with a solution.

You would have thought that when your country is in a dire position and in desperate need of a decision that will fix this problem, you would work together. However, US Politics is so dysfunctional that they cannot do this. The United States is heading down a path that they really don’t want to go down, but they cannot have a bipartisan relationship. They aren’t even meeting to see if there’s some things they can agree on! They’re in their separate camps with only nine days to get this sorted.

I think this is proof enough that the American political and legal system is weird and really should be avoided at all costs. It simply doesn’t work. If this happened in New Zealand, John Key and Phil Goff would be in meetings trying to get it sorted.


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