What is this? Oh, it’s John Minto.

John Minto is at it again. A press release today from Global Peace and Justice Auckland, which seems to be, from what I can tell, an organisation that consists of John Minto and John Minto alone, suggests that people should place Tony Blair under a citizens’ arrest for war crimes during the Afghan War.

This is obviously as ridiculous as when he got people to yell “Allah-u-ahbar” and throw shoes at the US Consulate in Auckland regarding the Israeli raid on a flotilla that killed many persons on board. John Minto is an idiot who really has no idea of how to live a normal life. He is a professional protester, and that’s really quite sad.

I do hope this call for citizens’ arrests is ignored. It is quite a bad idea, like most that come from John Minto.


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  1. John Minto has always been a professional protester. He first became noticed during the Springbok tour 30 years ago. I marched on those protests however I grew up and a proper job and mortgage he didn’t

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