New poll puts National in good position

The latest Fairfax poll has given the New Zealand National Party 56% of the vote. This gives them a majority of the seats, with 71. Labour has dropped down to 29% or 36 seats – their worst result in 15 years.

The response to this from the Central North Island Young Nats was:

Must be up to Plan C by now……o-well Phil you can always get a job at the U.N.

I feel this is a bit cocky. It’s almost as if they are saying that the National Party’s policies are what New Zealanders want. I think you’ll find most New Zealanders would not agree with that. They would say that they just dislike the Labour Party’s policies more. I know that’s the position I’m in. I don’t like the National Party’s policies, but I dislike Labour’s policies even more.

The thing I think is hurting Labour the most though, is that when Labour says “you should do x, we would” people respond with “you had nine years – why didn’t you?” And that is a very fair point. The Labour Party has come up with a number of initiatives that National should be doing, but Labour had almost a decade in which to do that. They didn’t. That’s something that doesn’t sit well with New Zealanders.

As much as John Key has lied and cheated his way through the past term in office, there is one thing he has done well, and that’s save the economy. With Labour at the helm, we would have really been in a bad place.


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