SPCA Tick – another one for the Politically Correct persons

I wanted to use a much stronger word than ‘persons’ in the title, but decided against it. So, the Royal New Zealand Society for the Protection and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals put out a press release today about their SPCA Blue Tick.

The idea of having a tick on my bacon or my eggs or whatever that tells me that animals have been treated humanely (their language, not mine) is utterly ludicrous. There are much more important things that need fixing in our society. Our shocking child abuse statistics for one. Someone will go to prison for longer on average for killing an animal than they will for killing a baby. I wonder why we have such high rates of child abuse? The state doesn’t really care.

Another point I want to make is why the heck would you treat an animal humanely? While humane officially means “Having or showing compassion or benevolence”, the term is derived from treating people like a human being. Humane. Not animale. Just saying…


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  1. Unfortunately Daniel NZ has an incredibly high rate of cruelty towards animals and sentencing for prison time is low. Currently prison sentences for animal abuse are nearly unheard of. I can list dozen of cases where the cruelty of the abuse doesn’t match up with the sentence the abuser received. This why most many organisations are constantly campaigning for tougher sentences. Most will get a warning and community service that is all.
    The problem is with animal abuse it can be a stepping stone towards other anti-social behaviour in the long term. Many psychologist studies acknowledge this.

    NZ battery hen and pig farming has been less than regulated overs the years. In fact torturous would be more the ideal word. This is the SPCA way of trying to say the tick you receive here, means the company you support has taken action and is humanely aware of how to treat animals, rather behaving in a manner that leaves an animal in acute pain. Also in terms of health for the consumer, battery hens are more likely to have illness or die due to conditions.

    • Okay.. So this is a topic that I’ve got in trouble for my comment on before, so I’m going to tread very carefully…

      I accept that animal abuse can be a stepping stone toward further abuse, however that’s not what the SPCA Tick would be about. There’s a huge difference between a person putting their foot up the arse of a dog and a farmer using farming techniques that have been used for generations and have been completely acceptable until the PC train came along.

      I just think that there are much more important things for us to worry about as a society.

      Oh, and do we really want to give companies another reason to put up prices? With the cost of living going through the roof, why would we start a campaign that almost certainly would push the prices of meat products up through the roof. New Zealanders are struggling to feed themselves as it is. Let’s not make this worse.

  2. Just because a standard of farming (especially in the case of pig and battery hens) has been acceptable practice in past does not necessarily make it applicable to the modern age.
    There are loads of practices in past society (including medical) which have been eradicated due to the inhumane treatment of others. It doesn’t mean due to the fact it was an acceptable technique in the past it should be continued in the future.

    One could argue that it is a step away from acceptable practice of farming, after all farming for eggs and poultry was just a pen, a piece of land and a fence to keep animals in. Which is what is being advocated here. Not mass production battery farming.

    If someone doesn’t want to buy the products with the tick, they do not have to. It will be consumer choice, therefore the consumer determining how much they want to spend. This regulation is already in place regardless, most eggs do state if they come from free range farms. This SPCA tick will be a way for the SPCA to support a cause they already believe in.
    Personally a majority of the people who I know support free range farming get their eggs directly from the farmer themselves, which works out cheaper than buying battery farmed eggs.

    Meat products in general tend to go up due to overseas export prices regardless of being free range or not. If you want families to be able to eat regulate the pricing for both vegetables and meat products. Make it accessible to all.

    • I agree – techniques used for generations aren’t always applicable to modern society. However, I have not seen a single technique that allows this to be produced at the same or lower cost to the consumer. If that’s due to farmer greed, then that’s what needs to stop, but if it’s because the technique is costly, then in my opinion, it is an intrinsically bad thing.

      Medical practices are for humans. They should be humane. However, I do not necessarily think it is imperative that a chicken lives in a five star hotel.

      Mass production brings down prices. That’s better for country as a whole. I am in support of whatever means New Zealanders can afford to put food on the table.

      I’m not going to go into the export prices thing, because that doesn’t really mirror what happens in New Zealand. Sure, we should pay international prices, but New Zealanders pay a premium, sometimes of up to 20%. We shouldn’t be pushing prices up further.

      Regulating prices has so many unintended negative effects that it’s really not a good idea. But in this case, if farmers are no longer allowed to mass produce their produce, which is what the SPCA is promoting here, they simply will not be able to keep up with demand. The last time prices were regulated like that was under Muldoon. And we know how well that went.

  3. No one is advocating a five star hotel for chickens. Just practicing more humane techniques. i.e better conditions. One could argue that is less cost effective for mass produced farming especially due to amount of deaths occurred during mass production farming. If mass production does push the prices down, how come we have seen an increase in food costs. By that theory every NZ’er should be able to afford food on their plate which we know is not the case, because of prices going up.Whether this has come from increased taxes on food and vegetables or export prices. We have to acknowledge that many in society can not even afford the basics regardless of mass production.

    Again this tick will not push up prices due to the fact it is consumers choice, which it will always come back too. The only people that can bring in full regulation of the battery and pig farming and enforce those rules are governments themselves.

    • Prices are going up not because mass production of farmed products is less cost effective, but because of the greed of the companies selling the products. They say it’s just international pricing, but that’s not true at all. They are just plain greedy. The SPCA Tick will be another reason for those companies to push up prices further. Sure, consumers can choose not to buy them, but the fact is people are going to feel bullied into it, because there will be some myth spread that being a good person involves bankrupting yourself on fair trade and “ethical” farmed products. The fact is, that is a myth, but it is spread so widely that people start to believe it.

  4. I disagree I don’t think people will feel bullied. Again if it not a problem to you, it will not affect you and like I said before there are other alternatives that people can seek out, like going direct to the free range farms themselves. The people that I have stated which do this are currently not employed and some which have children to feed.
    The companies that no doubt will receive these ticks from the SPCA are ones who are practising free range already. These farms are small farm businesses and normally farmers, not big corporates who are trying to push the price further. Those types of farms are normally reserved for mass production farming. As for feeling bullied do you not think if people felt that way, it would exist already because of fairtrade? Most people still go about their daily lives without giving it a thought. Which if we are talking about treating all children humanely, then maybe people should take a look at where the cocoa beans that made their chocolate has come.

  5. has come from. 🙂 left off the from!

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