Once again, the Waikato Times prints an article that misses the point…

I guess you can tell from the title of this that I don’t like the Waikato Times. That would be because I could shit on a piece of paper and it would be more likely to be on the mark than most things printed in the Waikato Times. And they’ve done it again in this opinion piece on Climate Change/Global Warming.

The author, Joshua Drummond, tells us how every right wing person will say four things when asked about climate change:

  1. It isn’t happening.
  2. If it is, it’s not human caused.
  3. If it is, there’s nothing we can do.
  4. It’s just so left wingers can “raise taxes and make us Communist”.

He also goes on about how that’s inherently wrong, because in previous climate shifts there has been increased cold periods even though it was characterised as increased warming. He makes a good point when he says there has been previous climate shifts.

I am not going to say the climate is not shifting. Simply I don’t know for certain. I do, however, find it easier to believe that we are in a natural cycle of the climate getting hotter and colder over a period of thousands of years. As much as the Green Party and the IPCC would have you believe there is no evidence to state this is possible and we are seeing without doubt an example of anthropogenic climate change that is simply not true. I did a post on one of the Climategate emails in January last year. This gives evidence that what we are experiencing now is very similar if not identical to what was experienced about 1000 years ago.

I do find it difficult to look past the Climategate saga. A more full analysis of them by the UK’s Daily Telegraph paints a better picture of the extent of corruption within the IPCC. And the only response that ever came to that was saying something along the lines of “because the conspiracy theorists don’t have the science on their side, they will do anything including hacking to try and disprove this scientifically sound argument.” Not that this response made sense at all, given those emails proved beyond any doubt that the argument was nowhere near as scientifically sound as the IPCC insists it is. If they had a legitimate reason for what they did here, they surely would have given it…

I am not at all suggesting the climate is not shifting. I am suggesting it might not be caused by humans. I am also saying that until there is an argument that I believe which doesn’t involve clear levels of fraud, I am going to stick with the side that we don’t have anthropogenic climate change.

So many times when I’ve spoken to people trying to get me to sign petitions and other things relating to the theory of climate change, I ask them what evidence they have seen that proves we have climate change and that it is without doubt caused by humans. Every answer they come up with I refute. 90% of the time, they will then say some variation of “well we’re never really 100% certain, are we? But as responsible citizens, we need to believe the side that will cause less death until we find evidence to prove either side without any doubt.”

To me, we don’t have any evidence as to which will cause less death. Trying to fix a non-existent problem would cause huge economic issues. This could kill people as they couldn’t afford food, water, clothing and shelter. It could also cause irreversible damage to the economy. To me, I feel the time to act is not now. The time to act is when there is proof.


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  1. Drummond made several qualifications to his claims that you have totally dismissed. They are necessary to his argument. You missed the point.

  2. LOL! There’s no battle Faz. I just pointed out you missed his qualifications. So your comments are misdirected. That doesn’t make anybody right or wrong.

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