How to lose an election: New Zealand style

Phil Goff has really given us proof that his name should be Phil Goof here. He had the ultimate opportunity to gain voters from National, and possibly win the election, and he blew it.

John Key has decided to say that this election is about who will become Prime Minister and nothing else. TV3 invited John Key and Phil Goff to a leaders debate which would also involve all of the political parties. According to an article on, Mr Key said:

At the end of the day the vast bulk of New Zealanders will either be voting for Labour or National and so my view… is that it makes sense actually to have those one-on-one debates, give New Zealanders the opportunity to see who shapes up as the best prime minister to lead the country.

According to a political blog post on, Key said that this election was about “who is Prime Minister” and nothing else.

This has got to be the best way to make New Zealanders want to not vote for someone. If this was an FPP election, then I could understand this, but we’re voting for initially a Parliament, but also a Government. John Key must be so very certain that National will get more than 60 seats at this election allowing them to govern alone if he thinks the views of the minor parties are unimportant.

Phil Goff could have made the best move of any party this election if he had turned up to this debate. It would be such a bad look for the National Party if all parties except them turned up. National would drop in the polls so fast it’s not funny. This was Labour’s best chance so far to win the election. However, according to the same article, Mr Goff’s response was:

If he’s not going to be there then that takes away the main debate between the two major parties, he should be there.

Yes, Phil, he should be there. But so should you. Just because Mr Key isn’t going to be there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. That just makes you as bad as him.


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