The Base: Against cyclists?

The NZ Herald has taken up a story on Green Party Candidate, Max Coyle’s attempt at shaming The Base Shopping Centre and Tainui after he was approached by The Base’s Security while cycling on a footpath within the shopping complex.

Mr Coyle has posted on YouTube (below) a video of him being approached by security, who told him bicycles are not allowed on the footpath at The Base. After Mr. Coyle pushed the men further, one said that bicycles were not allowed at The Base, where the video then stops.

This does disturb me slightly. Firstly, Mr. Coyle was riding his bike on the foothpath. If Mr. Coyle was riding on the footpath on the road, it would be illegal, and I question why it would be assumed that he would be allowed to ride the bicycle on the footpath within The Base. Secondly, The Base is private property. The owners have every right to stop access to the property at any time. Mr Coyle pushes the point that there was no signage, but why would signage be necessary. It’s private property. If I went to Max’s house when there was a lot of people and start cycling around these people, he would have every right to tell me to stop, whether there are signs up or not. Why should this be any different? It is dangerous to cycle on footpaths and therefore they have every right to stop him from cycling there, and I applaud them for doing so.

Here’s the video that has caused the debate. Make up your own mind, and let me know in the comments!


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  1. Max is a complete wanker.

    • Not at all what I was trying to say. I do respect the man for standing up for what he believes in. I just don’t believe it too. As this comment was only minor, I am not going to remove it, but generally, as per the comment policy, I would remove this comment, both because it is a personal attack, but also because you did not leave a genuine email address. I would request that you leave another comment with your proper email address (I will be able to see it’s you from your IP address).

  2. Thankyou for promoting the video and discussing it in your blog. I’m finding having a right wing blogger continually publicizing my campaign is helpful for my support, my very own Whaleoil! I hope I can provide more source material in the future for you to make assumptions about.

    Here is my reply which I have given elsewhere as it covers off all the points:

    We had cycled as a group from the CBD to The Base to buy some shoes. We parked our bikes in front of Rebel Sport and after we’d grabbed said shoes and some drinks for the thirsty crew we jumped on the bikes and cycled (using the road/carpark as that’s all there is) over to the other side of the mall and stopped our bikes in front of ToysRUs to wait for a friend. We were not endangering any pedestrians and we could hardly wait on the road. I was not there with any agenda or to make any point, we had gone there to buy shoes from Rebel Sport. The Base Mall has the security footage to back my story up.

    Before this clip started 2 security guards had descended on us and told us to leave for merely being on our bikes. We were not ‘winding them up’. There would be video evidence from security cameras to prove that. I was not there with any agenda or to make any point. Once again the security footage backs me up. I have now had emails/calls/texts and been told face to face by about 30 people that have experienced the same treatment, I was just the one that filmed it, that’s all.

    The footpath there is about 10M wide and there was not a pedestrian in sight. I am going to ask Tainui Group Holdings to provide cycle lanes as clearly there is some issue here

    We were being told to leave by The Base staff because we were cyclists. I felt it was unfair and needed to be documented. I felt intimidated and the other security guard on the right of me had been standing over me and raising his hand and was acting aggressively, I recommend filming any time you find yourself in a situation like this. It is not appropriate for anyone to be treated in this way.

    I did not contact The Herald. The newspapers contacted me first, not the other way round.

    I am hoping that through this Tainui Group Holdings and myself and other cyclists can work together to help make The Base more cycle friendly so cars, pedestrians and bikes win on the day.

    Also to the ‘hater’ in the comments, love your work sir, I hope that you too are contributing positively to your community as I do to mine. Nice moderation skills Daniel.

    Have a good one, will be back to give my side of the story on the next blog you run on me. Once again thanks DF!

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