Rugby World Cup: Government steps up and does something

The Rugby World Cup opening ceremony was a complete farse. The Auckland Council has refused to do anything. The Rugby World Cup organisers have refused to do anything. Now, in order to save the image of New Zealand, the Government has said they will step up and do something.

Details are sketchy, with an official announcement due tomorrow. The Government could go as far as to effectively impose martial law in the area of Auckland’s waterfront. Whether they will or not, I’m not sure. But what I can say is something needed to be done.

McCully has said that it will involve the Government taking charge of a larger area of the waterfront. How far this will go is uncertain, but I would hope it extends right through to the Viaduct too.

Congratulations, Murray McCully. You’ve done something I agree with. And I think that’s a first for you.


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  1. Ohh piss off, I shall be authoring a post contradicting everything you’ve just said shortly.

  2. potential breach of the rule of law? is the legislation being enacted by Parliament or the relevant minister?

    • The legislation was passed an enacted by Parliament. That legislation gave the relevant minister the option of having powers if necessary. It has become necessary.

      Also, Michael, I am not going to allow you to use someone else’s name in your comments here. This time I’ve changed the name, but in future, comments will be deleted if you put another person’s name. A pseudonym is fine, but not a living person’s name.

  3. It is not necessary. There isn’t another especially large event planned for the waterfront. But that’s beside the point – the RWC Empowering Act is fundamentally undemocratic in my view. But heck, they wanted to build the Cloud without having to deal with scrutiny…

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