Hamilton West – It’s going to Macindoe

I have met both Sue Moroney and Tim Macindoe. I’ve interviewed both of them. And to be honest, I think they’re both nice enough people. But I have no problem in calling Hamilton West right now after what I’ve seen today.

I was on the Orbiter going through Hamilton West. On a number of occasions I saw a “Party Vote Labour” sign, with a Tim Macindoe sign next to it. On a couple of occasions, I saw the Tim Macindoe sign had the tick next to “Party Vote National” covered up.

From this, I think it’s clear that Labour voters in Hamilton West don’t like Sue Moroney. I saw more of these double signed fences than fences with just Sue Moroney and/or Labour signs. It could just be there happens to be a lot of people who dislike Sue Moroney living on the Orbiter route, but I think that would be a bit too much of a coincidence.

Obviously, we won’t know for sure until November 26th. And I’ll be bringing it to you live from the Contact FM studios in Hamilton. Shameless plug is shameless.


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  1. Strange way to come to the conclusion an election is in the bag for Macindoe. I think it’ll be a tough year for Labour, but I’m pretty sure homeowners aren’t allowed to just adjust hoardings and cover up bits to express their precise voting intentions.

  2. It’s not unheard of for 4-5 parties to appear on prominent fences on busy roads. Some homeowners allow many election signs on their fence, and it isn’t always a sign of supporting multiple parties/candidates for different reasons.

    Not many of the smaller parties have put up hoardings yet. I’ve yet to see a Green one yet, and they’ll be pretty visible by election time. Wouldn’t surprise me if you see even more party signs on those houses in the next few weeks.

  3. I must say I did notice that the changes to the hoardings had been removed as of yesterday. Potentially, someone from Macindoe’s office saw one of them and went around to have them checked.

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