Do the Greens like ACT more than we think? We’ll soon see…

Unfortunately, this is another post about Green Party candidate for Hamilton West, Max Coyle. I wasn’t going to bother with a post on this one, but I just had a thought… Three times Max Coyle has made the Green Party look like fools. Which means we shall soon see if they like ACT more than they let on.

Do the Green Party have a three strikes policy… It would be ironic, wouldn’t it.

I’m not going to explain what he’s done this time, as there’s already been posts on other political blogs about that. Check out this one first, then this one.

Max has shown again a complete lack of moral judgement. The meeting of the Green Party Board spoken of in the second post is likely to happen (I do know for a what whether it is or not, but I was told this in confidence, so I will not disclose).

While I have very little in common with the Green Party in terms of what I believe, I do have a number of good friends who are in positions within the Green Party. I hope, for their sake, that this meeting is held and they implement a three strikes policy.


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