The Greens want rid, they just don’t know how

I have it on very good authority that the Green Party wants rid of Max Coyle as their representative for Hamilton West but are unable to do so.

There is no rule within the Green Party Constitution for the removal of candidates, which puts the party in a difficult position. Do they hold an SGM so close to the election and change the Constitution, or do they leave Max there and hope he doesn’t do too much damage. Sure, they could remove him under clause 4.5.2 “A person shall cease to be a member when the person ceases to accept or abide by the rules of the Party as determined by the Executive”, but technically he hasn’t breached any rule, and given there’s no way to remove candidates, he could technically appeal it. Could the Executive create a rule that says what he has done is wrong, and therefore remove him? Yes, but could they use that rule retrospectively? I don’t think so if they don’t want to look hypocritical.

Obviously, holding an SGM to change their Constitution would take all of this which is currently only in the spotlight in the Waikato Region, with some talk on websites like Whaleoil and Kiwi Blog, but not much from the media, and put it right in the National Spotlight. But the fact is, Max might just put this in the National Spotlight for them. If he continues with his lack of ethics, the National media may get a hold of this quite quickly.

I really feel sorry for the Green Party here. Sure, they should have seen this coming, but I would sort of hate to see this destroy the Green Party. A party should live or die on it’s morals and policy, not because of one person they made a mistake in trusting.


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