Max Coyle Incident: We have an apology – sort of

Max Coyle has released an apology, according to the Waikato Times, after the interview the Waikato Times printed on Monday with his wife.

It has been said that neither Mr Coyle, nor his wife, has any intention of misleading the Waikato Times or the public. I find this difficult to understand. At no point during the interview did she disclose her husband’s position. This is with her being asked directly what his job was, why she was supporting the Greens and how she got involved with Green issues. If there was no intention to mislead, she would have answered “He’s actually a candidate for the Green Party in Hamilton West.” and “Obviously, because my husband is running but also because <insert Green policy you like here>” for the first two questions. The third one, I can understand how she didn’t answer that about Max, given she may have been a part of the Green movement before Max became a candidate.

I would suggest this “apology” has done more harm than good. If he’d been honest and said “yes, we mislead you. It was an error of judgement and I apologise” or something like that, there would be no need for further posts on this.

It will definitely be interesting to see where this goes in the next few weeks. Or maybe I’ll be told by him that “every time a Farrell speaks, humanity dies” again. What I would call his candidacy – a symphony of klutzery.


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  1. I’ve just been informed that Mr. Coyle is actually unmarried. It’s his partner, not his wife, that was being interviewed. Apologies for the error there.

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