Interesting chats about the Green Party (plus another Max Coyle saga)

I had a number of interesting chats about the Green Party tonight. Some I can’t disclose but others, I think, are definitely worth disclosing. I’m going to start with the most recent one.

The first conversation is where this tweet came from:

I was in a taxi with Cameron Harper, Green Party MP for the Waikato electorate. We ended up talking about politics. This is something like how the conversation went:

Me: Hey, I’m likely to vote National. Of course I don’t think that’s worthwhile.

Cameron: Yes, you dirty right winger haha.

Taxi Driver: Ah, no, no, no. Never vote National. And never vote, ah, what’s it called… Labour. Never vote National or Labour.

Cameron: No, vote Greens!

Taxi Driver: Ah, no never vote Greens. Anyone but the Greens. If you ask me why, I’ll tell you, but never ever vote for the Greens.

Cameron: Why don’t you like the Greens then? I’m running for the Greens by the way.

Taxi Driver: We have enough crazys in this country. We don’t need any more in politics.

Cameron + Me: <epic laughter>

Cameron: Haha funny.

Me: Yes, considering you’re running for the Green Party.

Taxi Driver: Well, you might as well be running for New Zealand First.

This caused a lot of hilarity. Though, because Cameron is an awesome person, he didn’t take offense. He just cracked up laughing.

However, it’s a very different story in the other incident relating to the Green Party that I can talk about. This one relates (again) to Max Coyle. As anyone who looks over my Twitter will have seen, I was at the York Street Band Experiments tonight. On a side note, congrats to Lizard who won Heat 2 tonight. You guys were awesome. But anyway, Max Coyle turns up to Flow Bar. He walks in and has a chat to Cameron. Both myself and Cameron were on the door collecting the door charge. After talking to Cameron for a bit, he turns to me and says “Hello, Mr Fag-rell”. To be honest, at the time, I assumed I misheard him. It became clear I didn’t when he left. As he left, he said to Cameron “Good to see you, mate.” then turned to me and said “Not so sure about you.” and walked off. What a way to bring a political campaign out of the dirt.

I must say, seeing this tweet did make me laugh afterwards though:

I know it was automated by Foursquare and if Max had any control over that, I’m sure he would have removed it, but it was still funny.

I assume Max blames me in some way for his campaign being a resounding failure. I blogged about it, and maybe if I didn’t, he wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in. The fact is, this latest situation, I blogged about it after Whaleoil and Kiwiblog. Sure, I knew about it well before either of them blogged, but I didn’t blog about it until after them. That’s what got this one to the scale it’s in. The four or five posts by Whaleoil about it. The post by David Farrar on today.

I am sure he’ll deny ever saying these things. Even though Cameron heard the last one (not sure about the “Fag-rell” comment), I’m sure he won’t ever confirm or deny hearing it. And I completely understand that. But really, who are you going to believe. Someone who’s been caught blatantly lying to the Waikato Times, or the person who blogged about it?


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