Max Coyle steps down

It has been reported by the Waikato Times that Max Coyle has stepped down from his role as Hamilton West candidate for the Green Party. This after three definite incidents where Mr Coyle has caused major problems for the Green Party.

This is not at all surprising. The thing that is surprising is the lack of Press Release from the Green Party on the matter. All we’ve heard is “no comment” on pretty much every issue. The Waikato Times does say that spokesperson, Mark Servian, said that Mr Coyle will continue to be in a voluntary role for the Green Party.

Oh, and apparently, he does all this because I need some SEO or something… I don’t quite know what he was trying to say by:


What any of this situation is to do with Search Engine Optimisation, I really don’t know….

On a side note, I have just become quite the fan of a person by the name of Lyn Webster. She wrote an opinion piece for the Waikato Times that came out today. To quote her:

But why do people like Melissa Campbell (“Young families finding that the going is tough”, Waikato Times, Monday, September 19) expect so much assistance and then complain that they are hard done by? If all New Zealanders have the take, take, take attitude Melissa displayed in the paper for all to see, and I suspect many Kiwis do, then economically we are all floating down Ship Creek in a barbed wire canoe.

Why does a 22-year-old woman think it is OK to do a degree then not use it, shack up with a 27-year-old unemployed person in a crappy rental, get pregnant, take parental leave from a retail job, then complain it is not long enough, then backstab the landlord for not buying insulation, then have a go at the Government for not compulsorily subsidising insulation … And as if that is not enough, she then reveals she gets free childcare and a benefit and that her boyfriend is studying at university but really they should break up so the Government can then give her another $200 a week. This qualified woman sees her baby’s father as some sort of barrier between her and the Domestic Purposes Benefit, then blames the Government for encouraging them to split up.

While I don’t agree with everything she said in the piece, I have to respect someone who ends a piece with:

Three-word summary: Get a job.

Mad respect. Just saying.


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