New Zealand: We need a “working class voice against the parties of capitalist rule”… What?

On Friday, the Communist League put out a Press Release saying they are putting up two candidates for the elections. They said:

The Communist League is standing two candidates for the 2011 General Election to present a working class voice against the parties of capitalist rule.

They said about their two candidates:

Patrick Brown is standing in Mt. Roskill. Brown, a factory worker and union member, stood for the Communist League in Maungakiekie in the 2008 election. He is a long-time opponent of racism and imperialist war.

Felicity Coggan, a meat worker and union member, is standing in Manukau East. Coggan was the Communist League candidate for mayor of Auckland in 2007. She is a supporter of the Cuban revolution and a long-time campaigner for a woman’s right to safe legal abortion.

Wow… They are both union members. That’s gotta win them some votes, right? They joined a union, gotta vote for them. Personally, I don’t see there being many Communists in Mount Roskill, but I could be wrong.

The Press Release finishes with:

Brown, Coggan, and supporters of their campaign join struggles by workers, farmers and others against the impact of the capitalist economic crisis. They point to the need for working people to forge a revolutionary movement to take power from the capitalists and establish a government of workers and farmers.

The “capitalist economic crisis”. Because if we were Communist, the economic crisis wouldn’t have hit New Zealand. Look at China. They didn’t get stung, so why would New Zealand. Ignore the fact that more than half of their population lives in poverty. That’s not important. Oh, and that China is, if you look at their policy, not Communist at all. Yeah, none of that’s relevant. Communism. It’s the way to be unrealistic and talk a load of rubbish. Oh, did I say that out loud? I meant avoid financial crises. Yeah. I mean, look at The Soviet Union! That shit worked out fine!


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  1. Daniel Farrell…You look like a lesbian in a penguin suit “деньги есть свиньи”.

  2. Incisive political commentary!

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