Marijuana and ACT

There’s  a lot of talk about the ACT party’s “new” policy on cannabis decriminalisation. Family First put out a press release saying it was a bad move. It went further to say:

Family First NZ is labeling calls by ACT party leader Don Brash to decriminalise marijuana as dangerous and dopey, and questions how committed the party really is to the policy.

Two things. Firstly, I don’t remember the last time a legitimate political organisation used the term “dopey” in a press release. Not a good look. Secondly, why would you question how committed the party is to the policy, given ACT has had a policy of cannabis decriminalisation for many years? When they were a libertarian party (and I say when they were, because they really aren’t now), this policy was brought in, and even though ACT is not the same party any more, you have to assume that the policies are going to stay the same until they are announced otherwise.


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  1. Really interesting to see both Dr Brash and John Banks on Campbell Live tonight, Also the on camera reaction of some Epsom voters. I sense a partig of the ways with John, Don and Epsom if this line should continue.Also noted that 72%of a phone poll said yes it should be decriminalised…but I am picking not in the Conservative minds of Epsom voters. Interesting watching a party self destructing

    • I think the reason Don Brash did this is to keep the libertarian voters that have been voting ACT. It’s been a classic ACT policy for years because of the libertarianism of the party. I don’t think it will work, but I do think that’s what he was up to there.

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