VSM – it passed. Time to give it a rest.

I know most of you won’t believe this, but I am putting up a post right now slamming both sides of the VSM debate. You are both wrong and you both need to grow up.

Firstly, the pro-VSM people. There are a lot of things you could call these people, but humble is not one of them. Look at these tweets coming from pro-VSM persons.

And much more on Facebook, but that’s harder to put here (with Twitter, I just the url to the tweet, and WordPress does all the work for me).

However, anti-VSM persons weren’t much better…

The fact is, it was known that this bill would pass months ago. In fact, I would suggest it was known over a year ago. Now, VSM protesters are saying students associations don’t have enough time to implement change needed for VSM. I don’t understand why that is. I heard people in last year’s WSU elections talking about VSM. I heard WSU President, Deni Tokunai, talking about VSM at last year’s AGM. If students associations have not prepared for VSM already, they have themselves to blame when things go wrong. They have mismanaged their association.

It’s time to stop talking of the merits or otherwise of VSM. Start finding ways to ensure we have a student association beyond 31 December 2011. That’s what someone who has the best interests of students in mind would do. Debating the merits now is just political point-scoring.


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