“Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Let my people go!”

When is the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party going to part the Tasman Sea? Their latest press release on the “Free Dakta Green” campaign starts with:

“Let our people go – Free Dakta Green

As much as they are trying to portray Dakta Green as a martyr, he is not. He broke the law. He was found guilty by the courts. He was sentenced. The sentence was appealed. The sentence was extended by the appeal court. It’s called the legal system, and if you want to live in a democratic society, it’s how things work.

Just because 71.9% of people said cannabis should be decriminalised doesn’t mean it has. It just means the majority of New Zealanders believe it should. Cool, let’s do that then. But it hasn’t been done. When Dakta Green was found with cannabis, it was illegal. He broke the law. It was intentional. He has little or no remorse. The sentence is, if anything, too short.


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  1. At his original sentencing on June 29, 2011, Dakta Green was offered Home Detention which he refused, and opted instead for a prison sentence, which he received in the form of an 8 months sentence.

    “Appearing in the Auckland District Court this morning, he rejected the judge’s offer of home detention, instead opting for jail time.”

    Dakta Green was the New Lynn candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP), a political party with the platform to bring about cannabis law reform in New Zealand.

    With an eight months prison sentence, Dakta Green would have served his sentence and would have been released in time to stand in the forthcoming November elections in New Zealand.

    The prosecution appealed Dakta Green’s original sentence and on September 30, 2011, his sentence was increased to 23 months.

    For the Crown to extend Dakta Green’s prison sentence to almost triple time and in view of the fact that he was originally offered Home Detention, is truly an abuse of sentencing powers and is extraordinary in that it lends credence to the idea that such an almost tripling of his prison sentence was politically motivated in order to keep him from standing in the forthcoming November elections.

    If Dakta Green had accepted Home Detention at his original sentencing, would he still have been hauled before a prosecution sentencing appeal?

    How easy would it have been for the prosecution to bring (and win) a 23 month prison sentence if Dakta Green would have been on Home Detention?

    This extension of prison sentence to 23 months is politically motivated and is intended to stop Dakta Green from running in the November elections.


    • Would any other person who had been found guilty of such a crime be given only an eight month sentence?

      If we look at it logically, which you’re probably too high to do, the original sentence was politically motivated to give him the opportunity to run in the election. The new sentence is the same sentence any other person who has committed this crime without any remorse would get. The extension to 23 months is simply the sentence deserving of the crime.

      I really don’t see how Dakta Green is a “National Treasure of New Zealand”. He’s a criminal. Whether you agree with the law or not, he is a criminal because he did commit a crime.

      Also, on a side note, my apologies for not accepting this comment sooner. It was seen as spam by WordPress, so I didn’t get an email telling me it was there.

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