Do the same as others, get the same result… Unless you’re a Green supporter

Today, an article by Owen Glenn on the NZ Herald website was drawn to my attention. A friend of mine who is quite into the Green Party sort of thing and believes in Climate Change, etc, was saying how disgusting it was. So I read the article and, without much surprise, found that it made more sense than I’ve seen from New Zealand politics in a long time.

Effectively, what is being said is if we go down the same route Australia has, we’ll have the same result Australia has. In fact, we’ll have a better result.

Let me expand on that. We have minerals under our feet that would be worth billions to the right people. Australia realised this and is in a brilliant position today because of it. If we actually decide we want to be do this catching up with Australia, all we need to do is follow their footsteps. If we get a good mine safety standard, which will be coming soon with the Pike River investigation, and start mining resources, we will end up better off than Australia because we have an amazing dairy industry that will boost us above Australia.

Surely, this makes sense. If we want to create a better future, we need to create profitable industries. Our minerals are a profitable industry. Rather than New Zealanders going over to Australia to work in the mines and make some money, we’ll have people from other countries coming to New Zealand to work in the mines and make some money. And the fact is, if we do it right, it doesn’t have to effect our “100% pure” image.

On another not, it’s ironic that the only thing causing our “100% pure” image to have problems is the Green Party, and the only thing to stop us having economic success is (you guessed it) the Green Party. They can’t let us have the good things on one hand, and yet won’t let us have the good things from the other hand. They need to make up their mind. What do they want to do – challenge our “100% pure” image, or stop us having a country with an economy that makes it worth living in. Personally, I’d have us lose neither, but that’s just greed.


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