Green Policy will result in another Rena

The Green Party is calling the issue with the Liberian ship, Rena, which is leaking oil off the coast of Taranaki “our worst marine environmental disaster” according to their press release from Friday. However, the Green Party’s own Transport Policy is set to result in issues like Rena happening again.

The Green Party Transport Policy says:

Thanks to the Greens, our rail system and coastal shipping are once again seen as central to New Zealand’s transport future.

The Greens have been pushing for New Zealand to stop using trucks and start using coastal shipping for years. I don’t remember the last time a truck spilling thousands of tonnes of oil into the ocean. Yet now, the Greens are saying there isn’t policy to sort these problems out. Maybe this should have been brought in as part of their “let’s start abusing our coast as well as our land” policy.

Once again, the Green Party shows they really are hypocritical in their policy.


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  1. You totally stole this straight from my tweet.

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