Labour and National looking for the sympathy vote?

So, election advertising has started popping up on television. Both Labour and National have TV ads right now. And quite frankly, they are both pathetic. It’s like they’re after the sympathy vote because they don’t have anyone who can actually make a good advertisement.

Let’s start with Labour, because then my comments on the National Party one will make sense.

This is just pathetic. How can anyone say that the election is not about the leader, it’s about the policy. Yes, that’s what it should be about, and yes, that’s how I vote, but seriously, for most New Zealanders, the election is about who they like the most. It is a popularity contest.

The National Party’s supporters have come out and said how Labour clearly doesn’t understand how elections work. But hey, at least Phil Goff appeared in Labour’s advertisement.

On the National Party advertisement, we just see two construction workers. No John Key. No Bill English. Just two construction workers, two stop/go signs, and The Feelers.

There’s nothing about policy. There’s nothing about the leader, other than a quick mention at the end. All they say is, “You have a very clear choice” and “Nothing’s really going right at the moment, but it’s starting to get better”. That’s not election advertising. I could vomit up a better election ad.

So, really, it’s disappointment in terms of both sides here. For Labour, the next month is their last chance to not have the worst defeat any party has had since we’ve had MMP. For National, the next month is a time where they need to start telling people about their policies, because really, it’s all been about how popular John Key is and the Rugby World Cup so far.



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  1. Every time I see that advert It reminds me of Asset sales and vote National and “Go for Asset Sales” and vote “No Labour and Stop Asset sales.”

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