Let’s just vote already…

We’re just over three weeks until the election, but really, I am getting sick of this campaign. It’s been a nine month campaign. If this is what it’s like being pregnant, I feel sorry for women, because this is hell.

People are no longer trying to decide who to vote for. They’ve already decided and if they haven’t, they’re probably not going to vote anyway. Now, instead of people trying to persuade others to vote in a certain way, people are just getting abusive when someone disagrees with them. They know they’re not going to change their vote at this point, so they’re just turning nasty.

I must say, Muldoon had it right. One month’s notice. Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone has time to make a decision, but there’s no enough time for the majority to be so firm in their decision that they get abusive if someone disagrees with them.

Here’s my request to everyone reading this. Don’t take it personally if someone disagrees with you. People are allowed their opinions. By having an opinion different to yours, they aren’t saying that you’re an idiot. They’re just saying they disagree. Don’t retaliate by calling them an idiot. </public-service-announcement>


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