The polls – they’re starting to scare me

Tonight’s ONE News/Colmar Brunton Poll not only shows National governing alone, but also shows them with 69 seats – between 7 and 9 seats more than necessary, depending on the overhang.

This is really starting to get frightening. Yes, I am supporting National at this election, but I really do not like the idea of any party getting unbridled power. That’s why we got rid of First Past the Post. There’s a quote that seems very fitting to this:

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely – Lord Acton

Probably one of my favourite quotations. But regardless, absolute corruption is the last thing we need from this government. National have a number of policies that I support in their current form, but could very easily turn into something I don’t support. For example, the mixed ownership model for State Owned Enterprises – I support that, but if it turned into asset sales, I would not support it. That’s the sort of absolute corruption that is possible if National gets more than 50%. No party should have absolute power.

Seriously, if we’re still looking like this, I might have to vote for Labour, even though I would consider leaving this country if Phil Goff ever became Prime Minister, just in an attempt to cancel out this 9%.


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