Daniel’s Election 2011: New Zealand First

This is the third of the nine part series, Daniel’s Election 2011, running between now and the New Zealand General Election on November 26th. For the first part on the Greens, click here. For the second part on the Mana Party, click here. When the remaining parts have been posted, they will appear down the bottom of the page with the trackbacks.

New Zealand First, or Winston First as it is often referred to as, really, really failed at the last election. I don’t know this happened – it is purely speculation, but it really looks like the party decided to move away from Winston Peters being the party. They have made some pretty poor decisions in the past twelve months and when Winston Peters has been asked about them, he has had nothing. He’s tried to stick with the party line, but he really has struggled.

Electorate Candidates

New Zealand First really has something against people drinking their own urine. That’s what former NZ First Candidate for Rimutaka, Joe Glenn did to get dumped from his position. Winston Peters then defended this on TVNZ’s Close Up, saying that it took valuable air time that could have been used to promote NZ First’s policies. But that’s not the story NZ First Party President told, according to an article in the Otago Daily Times:

“The majority of people in New Zealand have at some time gone behind a bush to relieve themselves, but not everybody in New Zealand has urinated in a glass and drunk it on public television,” Mr Gardener told APNZ.

But regardless, that’s not what this post is about.

So, drinking urine is not acceptable, but public urination in a suburban area is.

New Zealand First Candidate for North Shore, Andrew Williams, is the former Mayor of North Shore City. He was Mayor just before we ended up with the single Auckland Council. Mr Williams, during his time in office, was caught urinating in a public place. It was alleged at the time he was drunk. In fact, at the time, it was said by one bar manager that he has been in a bar from midday until 6pm that day, then another bar manager said he’d been in another bar from 6:30pm until about 11pm. He wasn’t drunk, he’d just been drinking for eleven hours. But anyway, he had decided, after walking past multiple public toilets (and anyone who knows Takapuna will know that there are a ridiculous number of public toilets in the area), to urinate behind a bush. Yes, it wasn’t illegal, because under the law it is okay to urinate in a public place if the person had genuine reason to believe the act would not be seen by another person. Though, when there’s many public toilets around, in a suburban area, it’s really not acceptable.

So, in New Zealand First, it’s okay to urinate in public, but it’s not to drink your own urine.

NZ’s Assets

NZ First has a policy for “New Zealand’s Assets”. In this policy it effectively says they intend on taking land from overseas persons who legally purchased it and giving it to a superannuation fund, ensuring that National’s plan for partial asset sales doesn’t occur and repealing all legislation regarding the foreshore and seabed, giving it back to the Crown.

From NZ First’s website, it looks like they do not intend on buying back the land owned by overseas persons. They simply intend on taking it back, presumably under the Public Works Act 1981. I don’t agree with that. The land was legally sold at the time, and the money used to buy it has gone into the New Zealand economy. The least that can be done is the land value be given to the current owner.

I have said all along that partial asset sales makes sense, so there’s no point in me writing about it again. Check it out here.

The seabed and foreshore should be owned by New Zealand. The Crown should definitely be the holders of that land. It is wrong for the land to be owned by anyone, no matter what race or ethnicity they are from.

For New Zealand First’s full election policy, check out http://nzfirst.org.nz/policies2.html.


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  1. It has been pointed out to me that the New Zealand First policy on New Zealand’s Assets was changed between the writing of this article and now. I cannot say if this changed occurred before this was published, nor can I say if it was before the election.

    As it currently stands, on December 3rd 2011, New Zealand First’s policy on New Zealand’s Assets does specifically say land under foreign ownership is to be bought back.

    It was requested by a person within the New Zealand First Party that I retract and correct. I am refusing to retract, given as far as I am aware, these policies have been changed since the post was written. This is the correction requested.

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