John Key really should just be quiet for the next two weeks…

John Key really must be testing the public’s patience right now. Sure, Labour isn’t the best alternative for a majority partner in Government, but Key is not doing smart things.

Firstly, John Key decided to have a cup of tea with John Banks. New Zealand has itself a tea party. National is currently polling above 50% and really doesn’t need ACT regardless, but Key has this symbolic cup of tea anyway. New Zealanders don’t like what ACT is standing for at this election – their polling numbers speak volumes about that. But John Key decides to stand by ACT for some unknown reason.

Then, it comes out a freelance radio journalist managed to record the conversation and gave this to the New Zealand Herald. The New Zealand Herald was unable to print the details of the conversation due to the Prime Minister’s office not waiving privacy rights. What the New Zealand Herald did say is that the recording tells of what shape the Prime Minister sees the Government taking after the election, as well as his thoughts on New Zealand First – not surprising given New Zealand First candidate for Epsom, Curwen Rolinson, was holding a press conference of his own outside the cafe. It really does make you wonder what was said by Key when Banks would have allowed the recording to be published.

That’s not great, but it is nothing on what has happened this afternoon. John Key has come out and said he going to the police and pressing charges under the Crimes Act after the recording was made without the knowledge of either party. This just makes it look even worse for the Prime Minister – why would you press charges unless he said something outrageous. According to an article on, “[t]he recording [is] embarrassing for the Prime Minister and [is] likely to change the way some people vote, the Herald [on] Sunday editor claimed this morning.”

John Key really does want to see how far he can push New Zealand and still get into power. That is becoming abundantly clear.


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  1. Correction: Curwen Rolinson is not the candidate for Epsom. He is a New Zealand First member who is campaigning within the Epsom electorate.

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