Daniel’s Election 2011: Conservative Party

This is part seven of a nine part series. For part one on the Green Party, click here. For part two on the Mana Party, click here. For part three on New Zealand First, click here. For part four on the Labour Party, click here. For part five on United Future, click here. For part six on the Maori Party, click here. For parts that have not been published at the time this was published, go down to the bottom – they will be there as trackbacks.

Colin Craig is a right-wing person who came a relatively distant third in the Auckland mayoral race last year, behind John Banks and the successful candidate, Len Brown. He has now said that he is disturbed by what is happening in the ACT party, so he has started up a new right wing party that will, supposedly, do what he thinks ACT should be doing. The big question is, who will get in – the tories, ACT or both?

Binding Referenda

The Conservative Party have said they want to change the law around Citizen Initiated Referenda. The referendum regarding the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007 (more often known as the Anti-Smacking Bill) saw more than 80% of respondents saying they wanted the law changed. However, this didn’t happen. The Conservative Party has said that in that situation, the referendum should be binding on the Government – in fact in any situation where more than two thirds vote in favour of change.

This makes sense. Representative Government is supposed to be just that – representative. Surely if two-thirds of the voting population want something, it is not representative if this does not happen.

Basic Policies

As far as I can see, the Conservative Party have a number of very basic policies. They want us to give more to farmers and entrepreneurs, as well as thinking about the family. Their policy, in general seems to read like a cross between the Tories in the UK and the Republicans in the US. Whether that is what New Zealanders want is up to New Zealanders on November 26th.

If you want to see the Conservative Party’s full policies, visit http://www.conservativeparty.org.nz/policies.php.


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