Mistakes – Labour’s still making them

Today, Phil Goff and Annette King have announced that they will be resigning from the leader and deputy positions respectively in two weeks.

Phil Goff effectively said Helen Clark did it, so I can too. While that is true, look at the result from Helen Clark giving little notice of her resignation. The Labour Party suffered, culminating with Saturday’s terrible election result. A vote on leadership would be happening in February regardless, as that’s something constitutionally required for the Labour Party after an election. Why not tell caucus today that you’re resigning then wait until February? That gives the party time to find a suitable replacement. Right now, we have David Shearer, David Parker, David Cunliffe and Grant Robertson who have said they want to run for the leadership. I do not see any of those people leading Labour to victory in 2014.

So, what should Labour do? Obviously, they do need to find a leader between now and December 13th. Personally, I think they need to put up a dummy leader for now. Have that person lead the party for the next three to six months, make a botch up of it, then be replaced. But that’s not all they need to do. As much as I find some of her tactics unnecessary, I feel Jacinda Ardern is the leader Labour needs right now. However, she is too young and inexperienced at this point. To me, the solution is to have Ardern as the Deputy Leader now. That will give her some of the experience with out the responsibility. Then, in three to six months time when one of the three Davids has botched up the leadership, put her in then. That, to me, is the only way Labour will have a chance at being successful in 2014.

Regardless, Jacinda Ardern needs to be put in a position where she can become leader in the near future. She is the person to lead the party into the future, and if Labour’s caucus cannot see that, we’ll see Russel Norman as Leader of the Opposition in 2014.


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  1. Shearer for leader, Jacinda deputy = Labour brand revitalised. They can’t afford to have another relic of the Clark era as leader.

    • If I had to choose one of them to be a permanent leader, I would agree that Shearer is probably the best bet. No doubt they’ll go with Cunliffe though, which would mean Labour would become a minor party.

  2. Not Cunliffe in fact none of them will appeal to the masses which is what they need to do. The perfect leader would in my opinion would be John Tamahere, but in his absence Damien O’Connor or Shane Jones with in both cases Jacinda as deputy. Anyone other than Cunliffe he is such an unpleasant, unappealing human being

    • I don’t disagree. I don’t see JT running though, in fact I think he might have already said he’s not keen. Shane Jones has already said he doesn’t want the leadership, because he doesn’t think he can be leader without an electorate seat. I’m not sure about Damien O’Connor… He might appeal, but really, I don’t think he’s ideal. As I say, the ideal person is Jacinda Ardern in three to six months time. It’s unfortunate that I don’t think she’s ready now, and if she doesn’t get it working now, they’ll dump her quite quickly I would think.

  3. I read this because I saw you say Jacinda needs to be leader of the Labour Party. I’ve been saying that for years now but unfortunately it’s going to be Grant Robertson in the near future. He’s like a less attractive male Jacinda.

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