A provision 1.07% = four ministerial positions?!?

Today, Prime Minister-elect John Key, has announced deals with Peter Dunne and John Banks. I’m not going to call them by their parties, because really, it’s just them. They might as well be independents. But anyway, it seems that the Government will have about 130 ministerial positions, as John Banks has been given four of them with his 1.07% of the party vote. Or is it 230, with Peter Dunne getting three for his 0.66%.

John Banks is receiving:

  • Minister of Regulatory Reform
  • Minister of Small Business
  • Associate Minister of Education
  • Association Minister of Commerce

And Peter Dunne is getting:

  • Minister of Revenue
  • Associate Minister of Health
  • Associate Minister of Conservation

It is disgusting that John Banks and Peter Dunne, with less than two percent of the voting population’s support collectively, can have seven ministerial positions between them.

Having said that, something positive has come out of this – it has been proven that Labour was scaremongering during the election campaign. When Phil Goff insisted that if National got back into Government, Kiwibank and Radio New Zealand would be on the chopping block, he was wrong (like with most things he said during the campaign). We have this proven because part of the coalition deal with Peter Dunne is Kiwibank and Radio New Zealand will not be sold. Also part of this deal is an investigation into free health checkups for over 65s when the Government gets back to surplus and legislating that no more than 49% of any asset can be sold.

So, if one MP gets you three or four ministerial roles, I wonder what the Maori Party will get. Surely, they’d get between nine and twelve positions.


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