Some people even a mother couldn’t love…

I’ve just been involved with a discussion on Facebook that disturbs me more than a little bit. It started off about Charter Schools – something I’ll be blogging about later and will probably be published tomorrow. But the problem was, it took a turn for the worse.

Here’s a link to the conversation – it’s public, but I expect the thread will be deleted once this post is seen, so I have a screenshot with names blurred out.

That was bad enough, but then it got worse.

The latter comment was then deleted by the person who started the original thread.

How can any human being suggest that education is not a right? Of course it is a right. I know ACT doesn’t believe so, but it really is. I guess it’s pretty obvious that this was ACT-related.

Stupid comments like these are the exact reason why ACT has no place in the political spectrum of this country.

Oh, on another note, I notice the person who made the comment about education not being a right says on his profile that he is “intrested in politics” and like Money. Yeah, not surprised…


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  1. James Rawiri Meager

    You might want to give context to why the comments were deleted (didn’t want the thread to descend into a pointless argument about positive v negative rights) rather than insinuate that the thread owner was embarrassed by the comments.

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