It’s time for one generation to hand over to another

New Zealand’s politics is annoying me quite a bit right now. It’s about time that the younger generation gets their place in politics.

Let’s look at the age of each of the leaders in Parliament.

  • National – John Key: 50
  • Labour – David Shearer: 54
  • New Zealand First – Winston Peters: 66
  • ACT – John Banks: 65
  • Mana – Hone Harawira: 56
  • Maori – Pita Sharples: 70
  • Maori – Tariana Turia: 67
  • Green – Russel Norman: 44
  • Green – Metiria Turei: 41

The average age of the leaders if 57.

I’m not sure what the average age of the politicians in Paraliament is, and I’m not going to go through all of their Wikipedia pages to find out, but I find it disturbing that we have no one under 40 leading our political parties. North Korea now has a leader who is in his late 20s. If a dictatorship can end up with someone like that, how come a democracy cannot?


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  1. I think part of the problem is the number of young people that didn’t even bother to enrol to vote. Somehow engage them in the voting system and things may change

    • I would say it’s the opposite way around. Why would young people vote when it seems irrelevant to them, given all of the people they’re voting for are significantly older? Bring the politically motivated young people into politics in a more leading role and the voter turnout for young people will increase significantly.

    • I disagree. If the young voters voted, it’d still be for the above pool of parties mostly. The problem is that said parties are being led by older generations and aren’t letting young talent shine through – with the exception of the Greens, and possibly Labour (Robertson, Arden).

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