Who cares where the jobs are?

The Government has announced details of their welfare reforms. One of the things that has been said is people are going to be pushed back to work in a quicker. The Labour Party is questioning this decision, with Jacinda Ardern asking where the jobs are.

However, to me, this doesn’t make sense. Beneficiaries will not lose their benefit, and in fact will gain up to $30 (I assume per week – they only said $30 on ONE News) if they take part in education courses. So, if there is no jobs for the beneficiary, there’s always the option of upskilling. This will mean there’s more opportunities for them, which will get them off the benefit in the long run.

I don’t agree with the response of “what about the parent with three kids?” which is almost inevitable here. Many parents, with or without a partner, manage to go to university. I know a number of them within my own course. I don’t deny it must be difficult, and I have a lot of respect for people who do this, but it is possible and if the tertiary institute you’re at is worth anything, they will have services in place to help you out with that.

I agree there’s no jobs right now. But there are university courses available. Giving that a go will not only stop issues with the welfare reforms, but it will also give you better job prospects for when the jobs are available.


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