This letter, I mean party, will self destruct in 10, 9…..

On Politicalisation, we usually cover politics in relation to New Zealand. There’s a few (I think about nine to be exact) that aren’t, but mostly, it’s New Zealand politics. But over the last couple days, there’s been a few big political areas that have been dominating the media. In no particular order, firstly, Greece, Europe and the end of the economic world as we know it. Secondly, Syria and the alleged murder of citizens (I say alleged simply because the majority of evidence is unverified – I do believe it’s wrong, don’t worry). Thirdly, the topic I’m going to cover, the complete self destruction of the Australian Labor Party.

Kevin Rudd, or K-Rudd as he referred to himself as a number of times in a press conference, challenged the party leadership of Julia Gillard and, as such, challenged her as Prime Minister. Obviously, the media decided to release a poll of who Australia’s Preferred Prime Minister was just before the leadership ballot was due to be held. According to an article on, published on Sunday, the day before the ballot:

As Mr Rudd challenges Julia Gillard in a few hours in a Labor parliamentary ballot to see who will be prime minister, he holds a healthy 53 per cent to 28 per cent as preferred PM over her in a poll taken over the weekend.

He also leads Opposition leader Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister, but it’s a bit closer at 53 per cent to 34 per cent.

Yet, right the way through, Julia Gillard held priority with the Labor Party’s caucus. But why? If more than twice as many Australians want Rudd over Gillard and just under twice as many Australians want Rudd over Abbott, why wouldn’t they have Rudd?

To be honest, that’s a question I cannot answer. Right throughout the day of the ballot, Gillard’s supporters denied that Rudd had that much more support.  The fact is, most polls are showing it, and have done since Gillard rolled him.

Before Australia even hits election year, I congratulate Tony Abbott on becoming Australia’s next Prime Minister – at the election at least. We may see another challenge, and to be fair, I would be surprised if we didn’t.


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